BBQMOMENT: Gourmet Barbecue Delivered by Michelin-Starred Chefs | Top Catering Choice for Over 50,000 People

Party BBQ Catering Recommendation: BBQ Moment

Are you searching for an exceptional BBQ catering recommendation for your party? Look no further than BBQ Moment, the premier choice for professional barbecue takeaway and catering services. At BBQ Moment, we’re dedicated to delivering delectable barbecue delights that will transform your home or office into a hub of unique grilling flavors.

Effortless Home BBQ Enjoyment

Our barbecue takeaway service allows you to indulge in exquisite meals at home without the hassle of preparation. Our skilled team prepares a variety of mouthwatering barbecue dishes, from rich meats and fresh vegetables to an array of diverse seafood. Additionally, BBQ Moment’s catering service will elevate your parties, celebrations, or corporate events to new heights.

Customizable Barbecue Catering Menus

As a dedicated BBQ caterer, BBQ Moment is committed to providing a high-quality barbecue experience that you can savor at your convenience. Embracing the concept of customizable and mix-and-match menus, we offer our customers a wide range of barbecue set options, enabling you to choose the perfect catering package based on your personal taste and requirements.

Our barbecue sets include a selection of meats, vegetables, seafood, and signature sauces, allowing you to combine your favorite barbecue ingredients and flavors. Whether you’re spending quality time with family and friends or hosting a grand corporate event, our professional team is ready to deliver the best BBQ catering service.

Diverse Barbecue Food Selection

We strive to offer the richest selection of barbecue foods, ensuring that whether it’s a family gathering or a dinner with friends, you can enjoy delicious barbecue dishes. We carefully select a variety of ingredients to satisfy different taste preferences and meticulously design multiple barbecue set packages.

For seafood lovers, our seafood barbecue sets include tasty options such as grilled prawns, halibut, scallops, half-shelled oysters, and fresh Norwegian salmon fillets. Meat aficionados can savor Australian T-bone steaks, USDA IBP boneless ribeye pork chops, and various grades of Wagyu beef, from A4 Japanese ribeye to Australian M4 and M5 sirloin steaks, and even M7 Wagyu ribeye. Plus, we offer premium American Angus tomahawk steaks (CAB) for those who desire the ultimate barbecue experience.


BBQ Moment prides itself on being a top-recommended barbecue takeaway and catering specialist. With our commitment to quality, diverse menu options, and convenient services, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable barbecue catering experience that will make your party the talk of the town. So, when planning your next event, choose BBQ Moment and let us bring the sizzle to your celebration!


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